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January 24, 2013


Shaun Reynolds

La plus ca change, babe...But one interesting change that bodes kind of well is that one of the former writers on the show, who left the "real" world of politics to join it, is ensconced in the demi-monde of political punditry, where his ideas ironically have a far greater chance of making an impact than in his former job(Lawrence O'Donnell). Sounds like it might make a good episode for the show...


Ya, gotta love/hate thing w/ Sorkin, especially his new-ish "Newsroom", which certainly has gotten a loadamaterial in the past few mos (to work with, for its 2nd season), but I'm (sadly) not surprised that Syria & gun control were/are still issues...on the other hand, I don't recall marriage equality ever came up on WW, so there's some progress for ya :-)


Yep. Marriage equality didn't even dare speak its name then. There was a lengthy subplot on gays in the military in the first season but it was maintaining DADT, not abolishing it. So we have that going for us. Which is nice.

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