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November 30, 2012


Michael Farnam

I am so proud of you. And I have never believed I could write fiction. You are an inspiration


Thanks, mom. And you can do it! Just write a thinly-veiled novel about your parents. Heh, heh, kidding! Sort of. No, I kid! Just remember, it's FICTION.


That's amazing! You have inspired me. Now I will sit on that inspiration for awhile and see what comes of it.


Awww...Alana - that's just awesome...
Well DONE you focused, driven, bright, ambitious, disciplined, fantastic woman. Wonderful work. Thank you for sharing

Janie Schwartz

❀ ❁ ✿Yay Alana! ☆ "Author! Author!" ✰ You did it! ✭ Bravo! ✩
I love your writing ✍...always have. ☮❥ ~Janie

Shaun Reynolds

I, too, am very proud of you for not maintaining the fiction that you couldn't write fiction if you put your considerable mind to it. But my knee-jerk parental reaction is to withold any actual praise until after I've actually seen the shitty first draft, so send it over, please...

deana freedman

bravo, dearest daughter in law! what a feat, i.e. to conquer your fears! lest you think you haven't, you have 50,820 words, maybe shitty first draft words, but words none the less, to prove it!!!
love you


This is a boon to the written word.


Thanks for all the encouraging words. I forgot to include that one of the nicest things about NaNoWriMo is that you get to celebrate what is usually a very solitary moment. Most people finish their manuscript and have no reason to trumpet it. It's nice to have an excuse to be able to celebrate this milestone.

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