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March 03, 2011



Oh dear. Thanks for writing this up. (Making notes to check which cars are languishing on Craigslist.)

Ann Farnam Lagory

So, what did you get?


We got a Toyota RAV4. And we are thrilled with it. The only problem is that I can't believe it's actually ours. I keep looking out the window and wondering who the hell is parking in our driveway.


What color? Ours is red!


Silver. Like my hair. Under the "brown."

Jake Doyle

You may also wish to consider the environmental impact of your vehicle. Start with the total footprint in terms of carbon and environmental damage wrought during its lifetime, as well as that of its manufacture. Then there's the fact that cars are the leading killers, polluters, and wastes of space the world has ever known. Then consider the landscape devastation wrought by the roads and highways carved out for that car of yours. So if you're comfortable being an accomplice to all this, if you're comfortable with this kind of karma, think a bit about the petroleum industry you're supporting. That's right, an industry that shackles world governments with its addictive tax revenue and empowers despots at the expense of their tyrannized populations. Consider your support for all that. Then consider options: walking, biking, public transportation, carpooling, hitching. If you've found you're comfortable with your purchase, consider your place on this Earth, the generations that have come before you, their struggles, and the generations to come. Think about all this . . .Consider the opportunity you have to set a better precedent for yourself and example for others . . .


Holy crap, Jake. I did forget to include this step! Thanks, man.

Jake Doyle

Sorry to be crabby. I may have been in a foul mood for the past few years.

Intraocular lenses

I intend to buy a car next month, I save money for some time ad just now I can afford one, I found your tips very useful , is good to know what to do and look when you wanna buy a car, especially for someone who's not so well informed.

used cars cardiff

These are great tips when buying a car. I'll ask about rebates and offers next time I buy a car.

Linda Sidani

We bought a Mini Cooper. Then got pregnant with our second child, guess what? It totally works! Just kidding.

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