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January 26, 2011


Derek dos Anjos

oh jesus why cant i stop my kids from eating this shitty city snow. it drives me crazy. at least your snow looks clean. this clinton hill snow has dog piss, gasoline and god knows what else. it drives me crazy. help. what is wrong with my kids?????


I got nothing, man. They are all straight up savages. Even if I tied their hands behind their backs they would just kneel there with their faces in the snow, munching away. Maybe there is some incredible flavor that you can't taste once you get past 15 or something? And I feel for you with the city snow. The raunchier the snow the more likely Willa is to take a giant scoop of it and put it in her mouth. I think she sees it and goes "Oooo! Rocky Road!"

Heather B.

All of this snow is so depressing. It also means never making spontaneous trips downstate because what if it snows and I'm trapped there forever?!? Ugh. See you in May.


At this point, I let Roo eat snow if it's relatively clean-looking snow straight from outside. Because if I don't, I'll catch her sneaking it from off the bottom of her brother's boots once we get inside, which makes me shriek in desperation and disgust.

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