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November 12, 2010



Staring in wonder like a slack jawed idiot. Amazing.

jennifer c.

Wow. Not a bit of snark in this entire blog! But a good idea, nonetheless. I have plenty of poorly-used giant cookbooks for the task.


Oh! Love!


Crafting brings out my nice side. Seriously. It's one of the reasons I love making things so much. Keeps the crabby from turning to bitter.


That's lovely.


Truly gorgeous colors, well done you, for both the colors and showing others how to do it.

Shawn W

I see you in the middle!

FreeRange Pamela

Lovely! I may copy you next year!


cha cha, I. Love. The. Wreath.It's beautiful! Do you mind if I try to make one? I am bemcoing absolutely addicted to your blog! Thanks for sharing this!!xoxo,angel

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