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November 26, 2010



Ka-yoot! I want one!


I tried to teach myself how to crochet this week. It isn't going well....your hat is fabulous though!


Thanks, Lea. And crochet is really hard to get the hang of at first. That was my experience. You'll get it - just have to keep making really mangled crap until it sinks in.


is knitting easier than crochet? mama taught me years ago but I have no memory of how to actually do it!


She taught us at the same time, right? I lugged that green acrylic scarf on those aluminum needles FOR YEARS.

I don't know if one is easier than the other, really. They both have their frustrations. Once you get crochet down it is much faster than knitting (for me) and easier to just make stuff up as you go along. It's really a personal thing. I groked the hook quicker than needles but it's not the same for everyone.


mine was an awful red scarf...ugh. I just need patience I guess!! I need to find some good you tube vid instead of trying to do it from a book - which is not working!

Heather B.


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