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September 09, 2010



Man it is a jolt. School looms, and at first the big feeling is relief at the return structure. Then you walk through the big doors, claim the cubby, meet the teach -- all very immediate, very scary. But so so awesome.


Lovely, just lovely!!


I'm all teary reading this. Good for you, and for them. Firsts rock.


I too am all verklempt reading this. :) The big girl pants pic is my favorite.

Aimee Greeblemonkey

that pool pic is AWESOME. Congrats on it all.


Thanks, guys. It was a teary one. It's funny, I want them to stop growing almost as badly as I want them to keep growing.

FreeRange Pamela

I know I am WAY late, but I've been catching up on my RSS reader, and I read this one AGAIN. Since I didn't comment before, I'll say it now... this is beautiful and I totally know how you feel!

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