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May 20, 2010



I'm making felt flower barrettes right now and I'll be there tomorrow.

FreeRange Pamela

I can't believe you made me tear up, but I have two boys so I'll never know this joy!


India will be so happy! We have barrettes that don't fit her hair and she's been wanting to give them to Willa for months. How she even remembers Willa at this point is beyond me. I think the last time she saw her was at the river last fall.


Oh my god, so sweet.


Oh I can totally relate. Totally. Charlotte views barettes as being similar to a kidney transplant without anestesia. I have tried multiple times. I have tried pigtails. She clearly hates The Man/me. Sad.


SIGH. Simone is practically a tween (ok, she is two + almost four months) and still we are nowhere near barrette territory. Someday. Someday.


Aw Pamela - my sister (see comment above yours) is in the same boat. Hope you have nieces nearby to spoil rotten.

Claudia - for real? We'll take 'em! So funny India wants to give them to her.

Thanks, Jaggy!

Jen - I am sure this is my destiny. Will use a stapler if it comes to that.

Alexa - Your day will come. And then I will pass our barrettes on to Simone.


In my second annual photograph as a child, my mother put a bow in my hair. When I asked why it looked funny, she admitted that it had been taped there. *Sigh*

By the way, Willa looks delightful.



Thanks, Gina. I bet that is one cute picture.


Oh fabulous. But why does she not rip it from her hair like my child? Oh lucky you - voice of envy.


I so get this. I am a full-on feminist, but there's something about my little toddler with her hair all done up pretty that melts my heart. Sometimes Roo dresses in her brother's hand-me-downs, and it's so cute and awesome, she looks like such a little toughie. But then on days that she's in some pretty girl hand-me-downs from a friend, I feel all warm inside in a totally different way.


Anne - of course she does. I just keep about 5 in my pockets at all times and put one right back in until she forgets about it. VICTORY WILL BE MINE.

E. - maybe we should start a support group - Feminists for Froufrou. I might actually do it if only to design the symbol - maybe a fist clutching a doily? I'm on it.


I'll join.


Totally clueless to the meaning behind "the barrette," but I'll assume it is something like sending your daughter on her first date, or to college, so in that way, it was touching.


I want to comment on you momku and I tried to join but every user name remotely close to mine has apparently been taken- anyway- perfect wife momku nearly made me lose control- where are the Depends when I need them! So funny- thanks for the laugh!

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