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February 03, 2010



f*ck ya, ya! Happy birthday! I am glad you have a heart and bones too.



Happy 40! I'm almost 10 months in and haven't found it to be too bad. Hope indeed that the rewards in store are fab for you.


Happy 40! You're just reaching your sexual peak. (Unfortunately, it passed for the men long ago)

Elusive Moose

Cool blog :-) Happy belated birthday!

apathy lounge

Poor Lowell. Hope he's all better now.

Sadie at heyMamas

Happy 40th!

I will be 40 in a year and a half and I actually can't wait. Well I can wait but I am not running from it. I like life as I age, I give a shit much less.

Sadie at heyMamas


I cannot believe my eyes. Happy 40th!

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