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November 12, 2009


Feral Mom

Flannel sheets are never as cool as they sound. For one thing, you sweat and everything wrinkles like a motherfucker. I guess that's my point. With jammies, you wrinkle and move on. With sheets, you wrinkle and it's kind of a major problem. With flannel, that is. With flannel anyway. I'm drunk. Glad you're still in. Stay with me, sistah.

Feral Mom

Jaysus. Sorry about that. Anyway. What I was trying to say was: I really like the feeling of flannel jammies on regular sheets.


Worst of all, of course, is flannel pajamas and flannel sheets. You can't move.


You are so weird. Flannel sheets are the best. But Braine is right. It's one or the other.


I am the opposite. I prefer non-flannel jammies (who am I kidding, I wear a t-shirt and ginch) but LURVE flannel sheets. In the winter, anyway. Even those microfibre sheets are good when it's REALLY cold but they overheat WAY too easily when it's anything over -20C.


Flannel and flannel is like velcro! So true.

And Feral, I agree, flannel jammies and cotton sheets - that's the stuff.

Chair, you're lucky I know what ginch means! Those fleece sheets scare me. Unnatural!


I love flannel sheets, but I hate flannel jammies. Actually, I kind of hate jammies. I only put them on once I get out of bed. Discuss.


I only started wearing jammies when I started having to get out of bed at all hours. And what I consider "jammies" often includes things I wear during the day. Often the next day. Yeah, I'm classy like that. If I'm wearing actual pajamas it means I don't have to be anywhere the next morning.

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