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November 06, 2009



So who shot first in your version? I can't believe Lucas changed that in his re-done version.

Am nerd.


Sometimes I wonder if I was adopted. Then I look in the mirror and think, um, no chance. So then I wonder if maybe YOU were adopted...


I WAS adopted! My real parents were Native Americans but I was a white throwback to an ancient ancestor so they decided to give me up so I wouldn't be shunned. (This was an actual fantasy I had as a kid.)

Also, Julia, as you can imagine this is a point of contention in the household. Lowell insists that Greedo shot first because he really knows no better (although he saw the orginal original first before my husbands VHS tape finally shredded). When we play he always stage whispers for me to shoot before he will shoot back. I try to do it the original way but he is adamant. I guess we'll have the whole "Solo's moral ambiguity" talk when he is ready for it.


Also the "Actually, Lucas is a total douche" talk too. When he's ready.


Kara is just weird. All the cool people in our family love Star Wars and will be able to recite lines until our last breath...at least I hope so anyway. So, Lowell pretty much rocks.


you were both adopted

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