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November 15, 2009



A fucking men sister.


You are wonderful in part because I can read this and relate to it although I have parented nary a child. Yesterday was a "not sure I can get back up" sort of day but here I am, because that's what you do, I guess.

I'm selfishly glad that you're sticking with this this year.


Dude, I have been there. I appreciate your willingness and ability to articulate it.

One of the hardest things about parenting for me is that the things that drive me most crazy about my kid are things I realize (in rational moments) he inherited from me. He's getting to the age where we can feed on each other's bad energy, and when this starts happening, it's not good. Me, I'm patient, patient, patient... 'til I'm not. That's when things get ugly. (And I look at the little one, the one who is as yet too young to *really* push my buttons - though she does play with them occasionally - and I wonder "What have you in store for me, my girlie?")

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