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October 19, 2009


KAren and Phil

What a beautiful story. Happy Birthday to Willa!




Kara beat me to it. Nice.


Happy birthday, Willa. What a wonderful tribute to that special day. And I almost fell out of my chair to see that you had posted something on this blog!


Way to make me cry!

Holy mackerel, what a good story. Happy birth day to you both.


you may have just convinced me to have another baby--or not. A lovely story. xx


Yay! Great story. I totally remember the "ring of fire" from both O's birth and Roo's, but the difference was that with Roo, I knew what I was getting into, so it was so much worse. I was yelling my head off. My Old Man was like "you were so stoic and determined during the two hours it took to push O. out, and I was surprised that you screamed so much during the 20 minutes it took to push Roo out." And I was like "Yeah, when you've walked quietly through the flames of hell, next time you see Satan stretching out his hand, you scream."

Happy birthday to Willa! And happy birth day to you!

Heather B.

And now I'm all 'awwwww'-ing at the miracle of life and all that jazz and how you're telling this story two years later and there's Willa walking after her brother and giving coy looks to strangers. It's all very bizarre. Very sweet and very bizarre how quickly it all goes.

(Unrelated have I know five of the people mentioned in this story - including you - and I've gotta say that I really like you all. Lots. xo)


These comments are lovely. Make me all warm and pudding-y. Thanks so much.


Great writing, great story. Happy Birthday, Willa. Thanks for sharing this moving story with strangers.


You're so kind, Lynette. Thanks!

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Now I understand the feeling of a beautiful woman giving birth. What a lovely blog. Thanks! :-)

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