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October 29, 2009



You should probably just start writing now... That's a whole lot of words!


Yep. I should. But I won't! I'm a stickler for stupid rules. :)


Funny, I do have a good idea, and I'd love to pass it on. I'm not sure what your preferred genre (or voice, for that matter) is, but I think young adult lit, written FOR adults is wicked fun. I've completed a couple stories about kids in their late teens, basically acting out or being rotten, in that teen voice that is surprisingly easy to fall into... Maybe it's just me? Maybe I need to grow up, but I really think the perspective and experiences of teenagers are so formative that they're wasted on the teens reading about them. So... ?


It is a great idea. I was thinking about having a teen/tween character in there. Someone with a big part in the story. I have read two books in a row now with teen characters and it's a fascinating and plastic perspective because they really are between two worlds. Also I was just reading some writing advice that said get your characters into trouble, and honestly, they're perfect for that. Thanks, Mignon.


I'm signing up for both. I've never done WriMo, tried to BloPoMo a few times, with a variety of results. I think at least that can happen this year. Twitter support group? :)


Oh yes! Just saw that hashtag is #NaNo.

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