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August 31, 2009



Can't wait to read your take on "Infinite Jest!" I'm so glad for you that you stuck with it! Did you just love it!?!


Indy's curious: "Why don't Willa hab clobes?"


OMG- She takes the cake (or the popsicle) for practically edible cuteness.


This wasn't the post on Infinite Jest, was it?

maggie may

i looked in THREE different stores for that dang book.

apprently i was not meant to read it this summer. maybe
it's a fall book for me.


Oh, no. That means I'm going to have to write about my reading of IJ. I failed even to write a book review on Facebook, which I meant to. There's just so much to say. But when you write yours, I may be inspired to write mine.

(Also, I wonder if Willa didn't say her name b/c she was like "You know my name, silly.")

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