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July 09, 2009


Heather B.

You look like babies! But like wine and cheese; you both have gotten lovelier with age.

maggie may

wow...it's a ghostly, terrifically sad feeling to see those buildings show up
in any shot.


I have so many photos from childhood from Liberty Island and the Circle Line of the World Trade Center. It really does seem like our equivalent of Pearl Harbor. To be honest, I always thought the towers were very ugly and had no class, unlike the art deco-ish Empire State Building or the Chrysler Building. Now the WTC seems so symbolic.

Nancy S.

Happy 6th Anniversary to you 2 today (JUly 12th, 2009). Love prevails. xo


O. was born a year and a half after the towers fell. For some reason, he is fascinated by them and asks question after question. At a certain point I just can't answer. Not yet.




Isn't it ironic how this is? I've lived in this city forever but I haven't really gotten the chance to "visit" and marvel at the wonderful laces it offers. Maybe one of these days...wishing...

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I am so glad I know you now, would have been happy to do so then but we take what we can get on this strange trip, I guess.

I didn't know the city at all before, as I think I told you, and therefore have never been able to fathom the loss and have left it to the people who lived it with great respect for your experiences. I'm a fan of survivors, though, and have found great beauty in that in learning to love New York these past few years.

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