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July 01, 2009



Since we're expecting our first in October and our plan is to keep him in the back alcove of our master bedroom at first, I totally see where you're coming from. Both my brother and I shared a 10x10 bedroom with my parents until each of us was 3 years old. I amazes me that my parents did that but you do what you have to with limited space.

We're not ready to put a newborn in our other upstairs bedroom which is kinda large and our current guest room. And we're not ready to split that room into two anytime soon. But I see that happening in a year or two (or 3-4 if we end up like my parents). :)


Oh. I am sad too.

maggie may

We are going for a garage overhaul. Bleck


Ohhh. That is bittersweet.

But it is nice having the menfolk home for the summer. And just think of ... uh, the long conversations you'll be able to have with the lamp on when all is done. And kids sharing a room is killer cute.

Still. Bittersweet.


We're about to move Roo into O's room, too. Her crib is in our room, a foot from our bed, and we're ready to have our room back. I was a little nervous about how it would work having them in the same room, but we're at my in-laws for our annual extended visit, and Roo's mini-crib is in the room where O. sleeps, and it's been going really well! She still wakes up at 2 or 3 or 4 AM and comes into bed with us, but at least we have our room to ourselves in the evening hours (even more important when staying with family), and we get a few hours just the two of us every night (cue the slinky funk jam you so onomatopoeically invoked above).

I'll be interested to hear how things go with the sister-brother room sharing thing with you guys as Willa and Lowell get older. I'm sort of hoping we can have O. and Roo sharing a room for at least a few years, because the kids each having their own room will mean either buying a new house or (shudder) building an addition.

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