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July 29, 2009


Maggie May

I admit, I am JEALOUS!

sweetsalty kate

I loved meeting you in the Shutter Suite, and thanks so much for coming to the panel. It's weird.. I feel like I was in Chicago for two weeks and twenty minutes all at the same time. So much input.

Oh, and I LOVE momku!


Sniff. That all sounds so wonderful, A.


Can you write a little more about the transformational power of the internet, especially in the context of Sweet/Salty's blog? I've been following her for several years now and I'm curious to hear what you have to say about the question and/or rationale of sharing personal tragedy on blogs. What does the blogger gain? What does the reader gain? Are there hazards in the practice?


It was as huge ass sundae for me as well, and you were a gigantic part of it for me. Your sister Kara IS A delicious cherry, it was fantastic meeting her.

But, alas, as you tweeted, I miss being able to run upstairs with my ice bucket and hear you stomping on the floor. Such is the lonely life of a blogger who lives far away from such amazing and wonderful women.



Deanna - I can go on at length but the short answer is that life includes tragedy. If you are blogging about your life and a tragedy happens are you supposed to leave it out? I guess you could leave or take a break from blogging, as I am sure many do, but for those that keep writing I think they do it because they are writers and storytellers. Storytelling is not just therapeutic for the teller, it's therapeutic for the listeners. That's the heart of the transformation. The story heals.


Also, Maggie May and Supa and anyone else inclined to attend next year's conference:


They are doing tiered pricing for the first time. Different pricing for non-corporate /sponsored bloggers. I realize that's not the only barrier to entry - travel, lodging, childcare are all ridiculously expensive. But I really hope that anyone who wants to come can make it to the big apple next year.


so glad you had fun. next year. xo


Shut up! I was at CheeseburHer and we still missed each other, but that room was crazy crowded. I already have my ticket for 2010, though, so I'll see you in NYC!


I'm still so sad to have missed it. But I might be able to do NYC next year, if I plan things right....

Thanks for the funny links. But is Anna mad b/c she's "did" while all other funny women bloggers got cooler words like "crap," "women," and "it"? (I'm sure it says something about my psychology that I'd rather be "it" than "did." I think because of the "it girl" thing. While getting "did" can be good, but it can also be very very bad...)


Well, E., I thought I was making things even by not linking anyone from "holy" but you have a point.

I think NYC sounds like a nice convergence with your usual summer plans. Should be fun and we can even take some time out to go see a show...

the mama bird diaries

Thanks for the shout-out! I hope to see you in NYC next year!


I'll say it again - loved meeting you, glad to be in touch. :)


Oooo I LOVE posts where you talk about me! All I can add (besides that we totally need to do hotel rooms in big cities without our families WAY more often) is that your friends are all f*cking awesome and I was so happy to be included in the mix. What a wonderful experience. 2010!

Jill from langerloksh

I think I'm gonna do it

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