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June 24, 2009


Sarah U

My friend Sarah L (David Rees' wife) is doing this same thing - Sam loaned her our copy, then immediately asked for it back b/c he is going to do something else with Infinite this summer(?). I think you guys would like each other - she's a poet, too & does a poetry spot on a radio show. Shall I hook you guys up on FB?


I just finished "Infinite Jest" a couple of months ago. There are two secrets to know about making it through:

1) If it normally takes you an hour to read 60 pages, it will take you two hours to read 60 pages of "Infinite Jest." Don't be discouraged. (Keeping two bookmarks for your copy helps too - one for marking your place in the regular text, and one for marking your place in the endnotes.)

2) It really does start making more sense about page 200. And more and more of the beginning makes sense the farther in you get. As soon as I finished it I wanted to pick it up again to read the beginning now that I had read the end.

I hope you'll love it as much as I did! It was well worth the, probably, 40 hours it took me to finish it. "Infinite Jest" holds a truly special place in my heart.


Sarah - definitely! Imagine, a live person with whom to discuss a book we are both reading at the same time. Crazy!

Thanks for the tips Deanna - especially the two bookmarks. Genius.

maggie may

I'm definitely reading it this summer. When he died I was surprised to
realize I'd only read one story of his. More, more..


Dude. It seems I cannot click over to your blog without reading something that connects directly to a specific and important element of my life. I'm on p. 785 right now. I didn't know about Infinite Summer, but I guess I've unwittingly overlapped with it (I started IJ at the beginning of May.)

"Forever Overhead" was my favorite story in _Brief Interviews with Hideous Men_, which I read last winter. I love DFW (who I mostly knew through his nonfiction. _A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again_ is one of my favorite books) and was totally devastated by his death. And now, reading IJ, I'm mourning all over again. I can't believe this funny, observant, trenchant, bizarre, brutal, and generous genius isn't with us anymore to gift us with more of his inimitable work.

I agree with the two bookmarks advice. And don't be tempted to skip footnotes. Some key plot points occur there.


Skip footnotes? Never. No way. I already had the thought "didn't I see some movie about this" and of course, no, I had merely read the description of the completely fictional film in the footnotes. But because I hadn't read it in the linear (take that lightly) story my mind had filed it differently. That DFW, he was one crafty motherfucker. Knew the way the mind works so well.

That said I have balked when the footnote directs you to another footnote. Mostly because I am afraid of spoilers. I am cuckoo about the spoilerz!

Also, E., let me just be frank, bit of a crush over here. *Bat, bat*


The crush is mutual. I dream someday of coffee and a chat about DFW. (Or maybe a margarita and a chat about DFW?)

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