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June 10, 2009



What does PCB mean to you? Here in Georgia that means "Panama City Beach." I'm sure from the context that's not what you meant here. :)


Polychlorinated biphenyls. Loads of them in the lower Hudson thanks to GE manufacturing plant dumping waste for years. Carcinogenic, toxic, etc! They are just about to start dredging the river to try tp remove them. I wonder if there are PCBs in PCB? Probably, they are everywhere.

Jill from langerloksh

awesome pic

NYCity Mama

Ah, innocence. My little ones are always eager to jump into the Hudson on hot days and splash around. But I rather enjoy their hair, and flawless skin...and functioning organs. lol! I'm sure he'll be fine...cause like you said, "The Hudson River is ooohhh so clean now." lol. Wonder what those swimmers really feel like after their races? Has anyone ever seen them again? (Cute pic, BTW-He's adorable).

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