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June 03, 2009



Rock on. We're here.


Hello! Yes, you're in my RSS feed. Yes, I'll be glad to see weekly posts. Yes, I know exactly how it goes when the sizzle goes out of a blogger/blog relationship. Me, I'm writing nine crossword posts a week on two other blogs, and for bigger audiences. The real problem is that it's so much easier to mini-blog with two sentences on Facebook than to write an Orange Tangerine post, and the feedback is so much faster. So I'm getting my bloggy rocks off via Facebook these days. My bloggin' friends who are on Facebook mostly don't blog nearly as much as they used to. Is Facebook killing the personal blog?


thrilled. and extremely empathetic. (notice my content is quick-blog links these days, because actual writing is Too Much Right Now.)

looking forward to reading.


I get your feed. You feed me.

Yeah, what Orange said. I was already over the hump of bloggy-bliss, and FB definitely took away some of the guilt of losing contact with my online buddies. I agree with you, though. Blogging got me through some tough times, and now tough times are got through in different ways.


One of the reasons I have a pretty strict "lurk only" policy on Facebook is because it would be all over if I started posting there too. I'd say Twitter is the main thing killing the blog star. And for a lot of the same reasons - short bursts with immediate feedback (not to mention Favrd which brings it to a whole 'nother crazy level of compulsion.) But even if Twitter did not exist I think I'd still be in a place like this. I am hoping that just giving it a serious go will bring the passion back and help me figure out what I want to be putting out here. Because I love to put out.

Also: must find you guys on FB! Had no idea.


Woo! I'm trying to post more consistently as well. But I'm pleased whenever your name goes bold in my feed reader with more to share. :)


Reading! And same boat! But unwilling to make a gutsy promise like you have, although I'm planning to update right about now . . .


There are a bunch of people with your name on FB. Are you the one with the photoshopped red face and 116 friends?


Yep! You found me. Although I'm surprised I have that many friends.


i'm with you, both as a reader and a fellow non-practicing blogger. i don't want to pull the plug! not yet!


I approve! There's no getting around the doldrums, only through. xo


OK, first of all, I have to say that as I clicked over to Letter B just minutes ago, I was thinking (yes, my wireless connection is slooow) that I probably wouldn't get a new post from you, and wondering why so many of my favorite bloggers post so seldom. In some ways, it's a good thing, because I'm too damn busy to read daily posts. But once a week? Perfect! I'm excited about your resolution, and if it will help you keep it, I'll be bitterly disappointed if you don't post at least every ten days. I love your blog!

And fuck Twitter! Except the haikus. Those seem like a perfect use of Twitter. (Loved the tampon one a few weeks back. I sketched out an imaginary Oral Hygiene Queen post about post-vaginal-birth tampon use, but of course like 80% of my imagined posts it never materialized.) But it seems like Twitter is taking some wind out of a number of blogs I love. So fuck Twitter. Except the haikus.

Also, there's nothing wrong with a quick little post (even though I personally seem unable to pull those off). You do the quickie (or at least shortie) post very well.

xoxo, E.


Still here! Looking forward to reading more of your posts (and seeing you soon in Chicago)!


Cough and keep writing. I am going to as well.

so much love


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