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June 17, 2009



And... once again, so disappointed in myself for procrastinating.

Next year, for sure!


shut up (don't shut up). You are doing it ALL RIGHT.

You and me, with the issues. I could write a book. (BUT I CAN'T! ISSUES!)

Still hoping to find a way in to BlogHer. I love the thought of this panel. Was just pondering that 140 characters is no longer the creative stimulus it once was, and now I need a new constriction to spur creativity.

You are awesome. Really, truly, come on. Please acknowledge.


I noticed on the itinerary that you'll be speaking, that's terrific! Hopefully will be able to catch your panel (if I'm not wrangling the mic elsewhere at the time).


I wish I could be there! (And I want to see pics of the haircut.)


I acknowledge that you guys are great. And I will post pics of the haircut as soon as IT STOPS RAINING EVERY F-ING DAY. Jesus. Frizzville.


Oh, I know this feeling. The self-promotion is hard for me too. But, as women, we owe it to ourselves to be proud of our accomplishments. I think speaking on these panels is a big deal. I am one part terrified, and one part over-the-moon to be speaking at Blogher. Looking forward to meeting you there.

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