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April 13, 2009



Okay, I know all I ever say in your comment box is "OMG, me too!" But OMG, Roo is A. totally going through a hitting phase, and B, way too adorable to be mad at for more than three seconds. When thwarted, she just hauls off and decks us. Sometimes she even hits me at night if I pull her off the breast and she hasn't had enough nursing. Does that sound like an abusive relationship or what? We're trying to teach her not to hit, of course, but so far the message isn't sinking in. (We're also trying to teach her big bro not to hit her back, which is going somewhat better.)

But she also gives hugs and kisses at the drop of a hat, and says really cute things in that baby talk language they have, so we're pretty much putty.


I know, I feel like I should insert a disclaimer that she is still so sweet most of the time. Loves to kiss and hug. Although sometimes these days when she's kissing me I feel like she's sizing up the best part of my face to bite later. Little minx.

We really need to get those two together someday. And then run.


this comment is from an unassociated person who happens to live in orinda california. are those the two cutest kids EVER??????? oh, and those dresses....yellow and pink....do they make you hyperventilate?

Jill from langerloksh

So pritt-y!

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