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February 18, 2009



Hell, I wish I were 40 again. I liked 40 just fine. Nice, round number. Imagine my surprise when it was followed by 41. Wait. What's this? The numbers KEEP GOING? Crap. Then came 42 (sigh). My husband is about to turn 43 and he's kinda pissed about it. Where did this number come from?



I felt sort of the same when I turned 30. For awhile I was dreading it until I realized it wasn't the end of something; it was the beginning of something else. I got to leave all of the garbage from my twenties behind.

Happy belated birthday!


Sorry about the funk. (I am right there with ya sister. And of course, I feel that my funk is even worse than yours!) But, all of this is overshadowed by my utter jubilation at finding a new post on your blog from you... the one....the only...the most beloved Alana T. Reynolds!!!!! We love getting to hear your 'voice.' Thank you for posting!!! Miss u! xoxoxoxo


I'm sorry about the funk too.

I turn 39 this year and am now terrif- uh, interested to see what I think about it when July rolls around.

Also, this completely cracks me up: "So much going on, so many responsibilities, so many PTA meetings and questionable hair styles."

Jill from langerloksh

I'm one year behind you and right there with you mentally. I remember thinking "I'll feel so much better when I'm 30." And now I look at my mother-in-law and her little-kid-free lifestyle and think "I'll feel so much better when I'm 60."


I turned 40 last summer, and that's been hard. 39 was great, for me. I just enjoyed that last year of my 30s. I think I'll be fine once I'm 41, but I'm sort of weirded out by being 40. Once I'm comfortably "in my forties," I think it'll be cool. But I loved turning 30. So much gravitas!

Dude, I'm so there with you on the acne and wrinkles. What is up with that? Not fair. And now that all my lovely pregnancy and post-partum hormones have tapered off and I've got my period back (damnit!), the skin is atrocious for like a week every month. Drat.


Happy belated birthday!

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So cute! I already like you on FB and also get your posts on Google Reader. :)

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