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January 08, 2009



I was always stumped by the Easter Bunny home as well. I thought it should be more like the Wizard of Oz witches, with magic gift-givers living in all four corners.

If there really was an East pole, I wonder where it would be. I can see the tooth fairy living in Ecuador.


The tale of a bunny from the wrong side of the tracks.

East side represent! (I think that's what the kids are saying these days ... )

Seriously, tell Lowell I wish I'd thought of that. Of COURSE he's from the East Pole!


Welcome back!

Though he's cool on Santa, I think O. is scared of the tooth fairy. He lost a tooth before x-mas, and he won't let us put it under his pillow. Maybe he's orally retentive. It would make a certain sense, given his genes.


East Pole is good. Makes sense. I told Owen the Easte Bunny lives on Santa's street at the north pole. Figured I'd put all the characters on the same block.

I just opened my feedreader for the first time in months. It's awesome. some of my feeds don't even exist as blogs any more.

Hope y'all stay healthy now, y'hear?


I've just opened my Bloglines and there you were. With 14 posts I hadn't read.

But looky! It's February! And I've commented!

My quotient is really high for this time of year. Your addiction secret? Safe with me.


May I be rude enough to ask you to write again? Please? I so enjoy your work!


Oh Deanna - so the opposite of rude. Thank you so much.

Ohio Philosopher

Re the Easter Bunny, check out this, one of my fave New Yorker cartoons. Indeed, it is up on my fridge and has been for years:

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