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November 30, 2008



Damn. I hate it when November ends.


It's definitely time for us to announce that December is NaSloBloPoMo.

Feral Mom

We did it! Let's celebrate. Baby, you can knit while I drink.


Nicely done!


NaBloPoMo suffered the beat down! Good luck with the knitting. I am quite possibly the world's slowest knitter. I did finish a book the other day, even if it was only a lame Anne Rice vampire novel, so there's that.

I am off to excavate a space for the Christmas tree in this tiny house. See you soon!


kudos, my dear. more than I muster, and I don't have nearly as good an excuse to slack.



I look forward to November just to read your blogs every day- even though it is a pain in the ass for you! Really need to see pics of the birthday boy in the new bike!

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