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November 11, 2008



You are so screwed. I mean, how cute!

I think I remember a photo from a while back alluding to the brand new ambulatory status. As I recall, it occurred when absolutely everyone in the family was laid low with the consumption or something like that.


GAH! I died AGAIN. Stop killing me!


Hi, it's me, Zach's friend who you met at BlogHer. Not sure if I ever commented here before. Anyway... how old is she? We've recently (5 months ago) acquired a baby brother for our oldest, and I'm looking forward (?) to the crawling and the walking. So far, he stays still, which is probably a really good thing, except he get bored REALLY easily.


I think I can have that on a loop and just watch it all day. So cute!


Ok, I've watched it about 16 times already. I can't stand it!!


Lovely, lovely, lovely.


almost makes me want to have another.

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