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September 25, 2008



Damn! Which part do I comment on? My comment will be as long as your post...

Give me Willa.


Hey Alana-

it's me, judith rothenberg, from SCPA. i found your craft blog from kara, so i thought i'd pop in and say hey. facebook is off the hook w/ all kinds of scpa folks.

just sayin' hi.



Congrats on your blanket, and on posting! With a baby and a boy, I feel like a champion every time I get one thing done, no matter how long I've been meaning to do it. I posted Roo's birth story on my blog (she turned one a couple weeks ago), and I thought I'd do three parts in three days, boom boom boom. It took me two weeks. Of course.

The Rosenbergs guilty? I had not heard. Then I read the story you link to. Sounds like they were still framed, despite engaging in some level of espionage. (And the story makes it sound like Julius was a spy, but not Ethel?) I actually hadn't known they had two young sons. God, how fucking awful. It hurts to imagine what they must have felt on their kids' behalf as they faced execution.

Feral Mom

Welcome back! Great to see you here again. Yeah, I stall your hot ass.

Feral Mom

stalk. Christ.

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