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August 11, 2008



Summer sicknesses seem unfair to begin with, but having to miss vacation on top of it? *shaking fist at universe* I agree that the packed car photo is the saddest. Hope you're all 100% better.


you are too clever...ptomaine...I get it. that's my favorite one so far. so sorry you missed out on your trip. try not to be so well prepared next time, and all will be fine!!


Best post title ever. If I gave blog awards, this one would be shoo-in for that category.

What suckage. Sorry. One of the downsides of family living - sharing the icky icky illnesses.


Oh, man! I actually cried "ooooohhhhhh" out loud when I saw the Packed Car. But, it must be pointed out that those little chubby legs on your daughter are beautiful enough to restore the balance of good and evil in the universe.


Yes! Best Post Title Ever Ever! So sorry about the barfing.

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