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July 31, 2008





OMG! We have that toy! I told the kids when it dies there are no more batteries for it. In the whole world. Because it is a priceless antique and they don't make those batteries anymore.

For this, I have probably secured a place in hell.

The end.


It was mine and my sister's when we were kids. I keep waiting for the thing to die but apparently Casio made it before the concept of planned obsolescence really took hold. Pity. Pretty sure it'll be around for the grandkids.


He is Rockin' the Casio!

I absolutely loved seeing this little snippet of your life. As I watched this video, I realized that I know, to some degree, what your life *sounds* like as a story, as narrative. But, I don't know what it *looks* like.

It was just really cool to see you in your house, your husband behind the camera, and your son on the Casio. Really, really cool.


I know - I was a little hesitant to post it for that reason - showed my real life. But then I got over myself. Glad you like it!


Muah-ha-ha-ha-ha! The casio lives on! In YOUR house now!


Hey - he can curl his tongue! My son and I are missing that gene. Not sure about baby girl yet.


Ha! We have one like that that even plays when the kids isn't near it. It's haunted. Or broken.

I prefer haunted though.

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