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May 01, 2008



I will start, but of course I am not eligible for the fabulous prize.

1. Eight Belles (can't resist a filly)
2. Denis of Cork
3. Monba


ooo! I'll play! But if I win I don't want no trinket. I want the baby girl.

1. Big Truck
2. Eight Belles
3. Big Brown


1. Gayego 2. Cowboy Cal 3. Adriano


W Gayego
P Big Brown
S Adriano

TX Poppet

Hubs looks at the horses as they parade to the gate and picks the winner correctly every year for the last twenty years. He claims if he ever put money on his horse he'd jinx his lucky streak. I just keep busy making and imbibing in mint juleps and saying Ooo, Pretty Horses!


1. Colonel John
2. Big Brown
3. Cowboy Cal


Oooh it's getting closer! Great article about how race will be run here: http://tinyurl.com/4338jb Joe Drape is my boyfriend.

Ohio Philosopher

1. Denis of Cork
2. Adriano
3. Big Truck

I'm picking solely on the basis of name, mind you, having done not a whit of research. There's no way I can lose!


1. Big Brown
2. Denis of Cork
3. Eight Belles


one for me, one for mark...

1. big brown
2. pyro
3. 8 belles

1. colonel john
2. big brown
3. gayego

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