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March 25, 2008



OK, it's disturbing how we are living parallel lives. That was going to be my comment on your last post, with the boy's hand on the baby girl's head and the mom intervening. But even more freaky: Shmoo, too, contracted a tummy/fever combo on Friday. He seemed to handle his chocolate breakfast on Sunday with aplomb, however, so we were lucky.

Glad Lowell is better. And glad Willa got her share of Peeps through you!


Hi there, this has nothing whatsoever to do with your post. I just was thinking of you because I know you moved from an actual cool city to a boring (I assume) suburb. I am having difficulty with this concept because I live in a neighborhood where you can walk to the post office, library, convenience store that has wine and beer, pizza place, chichi clothing boutique, dry cleaner, and pharmacy. And four different hair salons, and if you want some real exercise, a farm stand slash gourmet grocer. However I have fallen in love with a house that is in a neighborhood where you can only walk to a library and a pizza shop. Will I want to gouge out my own eyes if I make this move? (Not that we can afford that house anyway. It's an intellectual exercise, but one that is consuming me.) Help, me sister blogger.


We moved to a boring *exurb* (this is for my husband because he hates the "s" word. Potato/potahto if you ask me). We can walk to our town's main street in 5 minutes. It's no park slope or west village (my last nyc neighborhoods) but it isn't bad. Some cool shops and all the necessary amenities. Having this little piece of urban pedestrian life was a major thing for us to be able to leave the city. I'd say number one or two on our list. It was a deciding factor in getting the house we ultimately bought too, as there are lots of neighborhoods that are not accessible to our "downtown". Soooo I don't know? You may want to gouge your eyes out. I would if we had to drive everywhere but that's due to an overactive imagination that convinces me that I am going to die every time I get behind the wheel.

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