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March 17, 2008



That move gets old. In our house, it turned to "go to your room" fairly quickly.


What?? I'm sorry, but you just can't go wrong with shamrock sunglasses. Especially when they are paired with a glittery green bowler. What you need, Mrs. O'Scrooge, is a cold green beer!


Stop it, you're scaring me. I'm totally with you on the feelings of "Which child do I neglect, now?" and I was hoping it'd be better soon and here Willa's, like, months older than Lochren! As I write this, I'm praying Theya will nap today (the sharing a room has its downs and its downs but I'm selfish! I want my room back!) and listening to Lochren try to convince me to pick him up. I'm such a great mom.

Ohio Philosopher

I'm in no way Irish, so I ask this out of ignorance, but isn't it at least mildly insulting to have the American holiday that celebrates the Irish be one that celebrates mind-numbing drunkenness? We are to celebrate Ireland by seeking to be prone in green vomit? How is that celebrating Ireland? And, if it is, isn't that insulting to the Irish? Do the ethnically Irish like that their culture is treated this way by the mass of Americans? I.e., as yet another excuse to get sh*t-faced? As if we celebrated hanukkah by, I don't know, guilting our children into calling us and taking over the banking system?


Ach. Mac's older than willa AND lochren and I still haven't figured it out. Why do they have to be so ... simultaneous, these children. both being here at the same time. and they don't play with each other yet which, aside from fetching the remote control, is why we have them, right?

thank you very much for the feral link. That is the most I will be celebrating today, reading that and chortling. (this after trying to explain to Owen why we both need to wear green today and finally giving up and showing him the wikipedia entry that shows St Patrick but not any snakes and certainly there was a dearth of pagans. I give up. Kid needs a preschool, stat.)


Hey OP - it is mildly offensive. I'd do something about it if I wasn't so damn drunk all the time. In Ireland they celebrate it by taking the day off work. Lazy bastards.

I did end up having a Guinness tonight. Helps the milk supply. (Okay, I had two.)

Ohio Philosopher

Seems like you need all the strength that Guinness can give you at the moment, no? Happy St. Pats!

Feral Mom

You'll notice I keep re-posting that one every St. Paddy's day! Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for the shout out. Also, I'll be borrowing your reverse karate chop more the next time one of the girls attempts to insert her fist into her sister's nostril.

Erin Go BRAGHH!!!!

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