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March 04, 2008



Re: "Of course I do have my preference, but I am going to be coy with you. If I voice a preference the other candidate will most assuredly win."

Ah, but you will tell us once the damned thing is over, right? My eyes are about to fall out from the constant drain of news coverage and my own computer screen. At least I got to do one funny thing about the elections this week (the rest being mostly sanctimonious hollering*).

*Okay, maybe it's slightly more nuanced than that, but I'm too tired to be making these distinctions.


omg, i'll totally hold her while you glue! but lose the preschooler. i'll shake the school-agers in the airport. it'll be babies and crafting. a little slice of heaven. can we get a puppy, too?


You are hilarious when your mind goes blank, B.

Also? Your baby girl is beautemous. It's like she knows she has to be adorable to get out of the drawer.


The problem is that the Democrats did nominate a glorified credenza (albeit with nice hair) and Americans went and voted for the guy they wanted to have a beer with. I think this election cycle they might win with, "Vote for McCain, or he will shoot your dog."


That whole Post Idea *Poof* thing? Totally the story of my life.


I'm rooting for Obama, but after him I'll take the credenza. (Mostly because I just love the word credenza. Also, b/c much as I'd love to see a woman prez, I don't trust HRC, esp. when it comes to ending the war.)

Also, the baby girl, she's mighty cute.

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We want more Letter B posts and pictures, too! We're going through the Letter B DTs, and we needs us our fix!

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