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February 04, 2008



Get out! *shoving you vigorously* You are not 38! I thought you were considerably younger, what with all that dancin'-woman energy you exhibited at BlogHer.

Happy birthday, and happy Giants win!

I never had any particular goal for myself. Then when I realized my book would be out a month before my 41st birthday, I assigned myself the retroactive life goal of "publish first book by age 40." Just be on the lookout for things you've completed and declare them your proof of wunderkindity and accomplishment.


Happy birthday! How about a goal of having two kids, keeping a rad blog, and writing a bunch of haiku before the age of forty? Check!

And did the Giants win or what? My New Jersey man was on cloud nine (and still is).

I myself have been fantasizing about a postnatal massage from the wonderful woman who gave me a prenatal massage on my 39th b-day a few months back. I may have to give myself a Valentine's day present or something.

Feral Mom

happy birthday! We are 4th sisters--my 38th was Jan. 4th. Salud, friend.

Feral Mom

Did I mention that math is hard?


When do we start the voting to make you Queen of the Universe? Because I could go for the weekly hour-long massage.

Oh, and Happy Birthday!!!


Now I want to end all my sentences in prepositions just to get chastised so I can end them with bitch. Too funny.


1. Happy Birthday! I'll be 38 this summer.
2. I can tell from here that you don't look a day over 21.
3. That football game was one of the best game I have ever seen.
4. I love grammar humor.

Mrs. Ian Cusick Beaverhausen

Sweet Baby Jebus...to be 38 again. You wear it well.


Age is the gift that keeps on giving. Happy birthday.


Happy freaking birthday! I would totally throw back a palinka in your honor right now, but I don't think that's what the ob/gyn meant by an "occasional drink."


Happy belated. I will be 39 in March which is even more terrifying. May even be too late for late bloomer. Still, delightful to see other people getting older...


Like Anne, my 39th is coming up (April for me). Thirty-eight has been pretty good. Hope it's good for you, too!

I once heard an author say that there's no point in trying to write a novel before you're 40. You don't have enough life experience before then. So that's my excuse.

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