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February 20, 2008



I just read about a Chanel cloth grocery bag. It costs $900.

Yes, that's one way to go. Or: You could buy the $1 reusable bag that the grocery store sells and donate $899 to environmental organizations.


Your issues with Domino remind me of my love-hate relationship with Martha...


omg, that domino article is the biggest pile of barf i've ever read! is she serious??? how can all those needy children walk in 4 inch heels anyway??


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, oh, oh, OH-OH, Domin-oh-oh!


I mean, I'm assuming that was a Van Morrison reference there.


Oh it were! It were! Could you hear the trumpets?


I received a free subscription this x-mas after ordering something from amazon. i have to say I am quite disappointed. now i just let aidan use it to cut things out of.

Anastasia  Beaverhausen

I, too, started reading Domino. I thought it would be different. Different as in "creative ideas for low-budget home re-dos". I was so wrong. It's just more of the same old "stuff you'd see in Architectural Digest that you can't afford or even pronounce". It's depressing.


Sadly, I have been sucked into the Domino-verse. But I hate that same column you do and I think we should all parody it.

(found you via Orange who is awesome.)


Publishers of "green" magazines and articles ignore that the greenest thing to do is ... nothing: buy less, use less. If you must buy, buy used or recycled (NOT recyclable).

Being poor and frumpy? VERY green, very chic!

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