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January 02, 2008



Happy New Year, Alana! You had a wonderful year...and I'm so glad we got to meet in Chicago. Think you'll make it to San Francisco this year?


Dude, it's like we had EXACTLY the same year. Except my husband didn't put in an herb garden. Aaaaaand all that other stuff, either. Happy New Year!


Don't you love blog archives?

Congrats on a good '07 (and a great post, ahem) and bottoms up to '08.

anastasia beaverhausen

This time next year I want to be able to say that 2008 was the best year in a long time. I hope that it comes true.



have a great new year! and i covet your bookshelves. is that so wrong?

and, by the way, can you help a girl, this girl, figure out how to put pictures up on typepad? jeebus, what am i doing wrong???




Heh. Great summary. Cheers for an equally delicious '08.

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