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December 23, 2007





Beautiful, Alana. Merry Christmas.


Merry Christmas :)


So well expressed. Yes.


You created a baby out of THIN AIR??? Wow, that's GREAT! You have to tell us your secret...most women have to painfully push one out their nether regions...

Okay, seriously: I'm glad I wasn't the only one out there who found extra joy this holiday with the addition of a new baby. Granted, our "new" one recently passed the 5-month mark, but the effect was still the same: best present of the year, bar none. Best wishes for an equally splendid 2008.


And a Happy Merry to you. Truly.


Despite the fact that I doubt the "divinity" behind the nativity story, I don't doubt that two very young, weary and expectant people had a baby long ago in a barn because they couldn't afford anything else. And it seemed a miracle to them...just as the births of our children seem to us. Like you, the music evokes a lot of emotion in me. As beautiful as "O Holy Night" is...the music also makes me hugely nostalgic and sad. Moreso now that I have kids than ever before. And that connection with Mary (however scanty my beliefs)is strengthened. I hope your holiday was wonderful in its mystery and joy. Whatever one's faith system...I wish that for everyone.

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