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December 07, 2007



No you don't have a Chanukah platter that says "Time To Make The Latkes"!!!


Happy Chanukah '07 to you guys!! 'Have been thinking of you all this whole week! Please give hugs and kisses to my favorite most adorable godson, Lowell Taaffe, & to his baby sister Willa, and to Alana, and to Matthew, and to Bella! xo SWAK


Oh g-d, I am so hungry.


Oh g-d, I am so hungry. And happy Hanukkah.


Fantatic. Happy Hanukkah to you.


i think maybe you should put up your recipe. either that or come over post haste.


I have been such a slacker this year. Haven't lit any candles, haven't made latkes. Thanks for the photo.


And thanks for posting every day last month--I do so enjoy reading your blog!


Important to note that Matthew made the latkes. I just stood there watching over his shoulder knife and fork in hand and napkin tucked into my collar.


I'm so late with the Hanukkah greetings, right? Day 7 is tomorrow, but I hope you have a wonderful holiday...and your fill of latkes. I'll take the leftovers!


Bossy made the world's worst latkes this year. The incident involved paper towels, grease, and christmas tree shopping. It's too much to get into here. Or anywhere, thank gah.


Oh good GRIEF, that looks good.

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