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November 09, 2007



sounds like you had a painless-mystery-illness-requiring-isolation-in -hospital-for-several-months-fantasy day... or maybe even a 25-years-incarceration-for-a-crime-you-didn't-commit fantasy day...(some days make 25 years behind bars look like a vacation)

*sigh* just think of all of the crafting you could get done!

you got a lot of good advice at your shower, right? remember to lower you standards, lower your expectations and remember to ASK FOR HELP. you know your friends are willing. just think if the situation was reversed.

this too shall pass. and believe it or not you will get to the point where you would give your right arm to hold your babies again.



I remember the time I went out shopping for bras and jeans (torture!) and totally missed what the 2-year-old did. Daddy told him to stay in bed for his nap and quit asking to come out...so when the boy pooped, he got undressed, took off the dirty diaper, stepped on it, walked around the bed with poo footprints, and got poo on the wall. Then he quieted right down, so Daddy went to look in on his sleeping child and discovered the poo carnage. The man cannot abide a poo carnage, so he cleaned everything up before I even got home.

It sounds like a fantasy, right? I swear I'm not making it up. There was a poo explosion and I got to miss it completely!

Kinda makes up for the times I saved the couch and rug from getting puked on by capturing all the kid's puke on myself, eh?

Parenting is hard work. This weekend, Madame B, is bound to be better!

The Simple Family/sj

My two are 18 months apart. My daughter hit that horrible toddler tantrum stage right after the boy was born.

I promise you, it will get better. Really.


Ugh, hang in there. I totally know how you feel.

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