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November 12, 2007



I come here to offer moral support. I know how you feel, I was in the same situation just over two years ago. Also, Willa is adorable, and I need to get a baby fix somewhere!


i think this will be a good exercise in lowering your standards across the board! i have not been at all disappointed by one of your posts yet so don't be so hard on yourself. in times like these, good enough truly is good enough.

and where are you hiding those shoes? i need to search a little more thoroughly next visit...


Oooh, you are kind. I am amazed that you are doing it all this year. I seem to remember that newborn babies mean that you have no time to shower, let alone blog? May I ask you a personal question, is NaBloPoMo making you grubby?

And I agree with Kara, where are the baby pictures. Please do not mock our technical ineptitude, that is time you could be spending sleeping.


Awww. Bless your heart. I definitely think you should lower your standards, which are, I suspect, ridiculously high to begin with.

Those shoes are very silly but so fantastically wonderful they make my teeth hurt.

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