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November 03, 2007



I love the new little photo you've added to your main page...
Was the party fun? How did Daddy make out?


i agree with assertagirl. that is a nice photo.

have you been waiting your whole life to use brobdingnagian in a haiku?


daddy an willa had a binky party of their own - they raged. And my party WAS fun - tho i'd probably would have been just as thrilled with a solo trip to the grocery store.

Kara, you have no idea how excited I was when I realized brobdingnagian had 5 syllables...


no, actually i do. dork.


Very impressive. Three weeks and already partying! After O. was born, I went out for my first night out when he was five weeks old, to a rock show no less, Sleater-Kinney no less. This time it took me longer (this past weekend, seven weeks after Roo's birth) to get out and do something by myself that was totally for me, and it didn't quite rock, but was still cool. (I met with my monthly poetry writing group, and by the end of the three hour meeting I was leaking milk all over myself. Still, it was great to get out and do grown-up stuff.)


P.S. Also, must give you huge props for posting daily during NaBloPoMo! Amazing. And I too love the new little profile picture. Very very sweet.

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