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November 25, 2007



One is helpless not to cry, what with all the Christmas spirit in those scenes at the end. Dammit, it almost makes me believe in Santa Claus, it's that powerful.


what's wrong with that?? it's such a touching scene... *sniff*


Oh there's nothing wrong at all. He thinks it's cute. He just can't believe people really believe in Santa. I am similarly mystified when he gets all excited when "The Ten Commandments" is on tv. That man loves him some Moses.


Hahahaha. Another way to mystify your Jewish husband: Tell him there's no need to light Sabbath candles since you already light little votives from Pottery Barn. Who has more fun than us Mixed-Marriages?


You could just as easily have titled that post "How To Mystify Another Person".


Oh snap! Someone's heart is two sizes too small.

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