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October 15, 2007



I'm a relatively new reader. Let me be the first to congratulate you! Whoo-Hoo! Sounds like you were in the express lane for delivery. Hope everyone is doing well!


Congratulations, family! Welcome, Willa. You picked an excellent family to be born to.


Oh she's just beautiful! Great job!


Awwwwwww. Hi, Willa! That's a lovely name for a lovely baby. Congratulations!


What a sweetie (did you knit that little hat?). Congrats!


Hooray! Congratulations to the big brother, the mama, and the daddy.

Not that I get a vote, but I vote for Lowilla as an inclusive term to use when referring to both of your children together: "Lowilla are coming with me to the grocery store." No?


welcome, Willa. xoxoxo


Great work, she's lovely.


Congrats to you and the family!!! What a beautiful little girl you have there!!!
I know an auntie who is planning on spoiling her rotten! Yay!!
-Heather in California


So gorgeous! I can't wait to bring home this baby ... only 21 weeks left to go!


congratulations alana! she's beautiful. can't wait to meet both lowell and willa one of these days(and matthew).... not to rub it in, but i purposely gave mateo the initials M.O.M.S. ;)
love ya, lynnie

Feral Mom

WTF...brilliant. And so is the bearer of both these initials and this beautiful baby girl. Many congratulations, and can't wait for the birth story! Welcome to the world, Willa.

Great Aunt Hauny

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S Alana & Matt!!! Welcome to the world lil Willa T. : ) WATCH OUT big bro Lowell (your sis is already making you look "bad", debuting in only 3 hours and all!?! ; )
Can't wait to meet both the kids one of these days.
BIG HUGS all around!
Love, -Sio


so beautiful. love and hugs and kisses to all.


What a sweetheart. Congratulations!


Congratulations! WTF also stands for "Welcome to Finland" and the magazine by that title as well, so I wouldn't fret it.


CONGRATULATIONS !! She's beautiful !


Oh congratulations, what a beautiful baby girl. Sympathies to Lowell who is doubtless beginning to realise that she won't be given back to the hospital when he is tired of her.


Hi Willa!

Lovely girl; lovely name.

(typing one-handed myself, or I'd say more.)


So gorgeous! I shouldn't look at pictures of adorable newborns when I'm ovulating. I hope you're resting and not too sore and soaking in every second. They never told me that time with the second baby goes a million times faster. Shut out the world and just be in your own four walls with your little ones for as long as you can. Love to you all.


Oh how wonderful! Congrats to all of you!!!!


She is beautiful, and I love, love, love the name! Congratulations.


Sweet baby, sweet name, sugary sweet wishes for all of you.


That's a real purdy name.


Congratulations on your new little bundle, she is GORGEOUS!


mazel tov! can't wait to meet willa. meanwhile what would be a preferable newborn gift this week... frozen lasagna or lowell babysitting time?


Congratulations!!! She is beautiful and I LOVE her name.


congratulations!! she's beautiful... and the initials are freakin' hilarious. my son's initials are d.a.d. and i'm sure we'll pay for that one later too.


Congratulations to all of you!! I love the name you've selected and, of course, she's gorgeous!


Good for ya! Nice job lady!
Take it easy.

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