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October 01, 2007



I picked up one of those balls at a garage sale this summer, I had no idea they're so awesome! I will get J to inflate it for me ASAP (I have no clue where the pump is).

We are wanting a newerish/larger vehicle and will likely wind up keeping our beater (a 1991 corolla! beat that! and that's our MAIN right now!!) for J's commuting, too. We are also constitutionally against two cars but J's work is just outside the city so transit doesn't even go there, he can bike in the summer but, um, we live in Canada, right? So, like, there's a lot of snow in the winter. There are only 4 other people in the office and they're in different neighborhoods so car-pooling is also not an option.

I find peace in the knowledge that most of the things I'd actually bother to get out of the house for are within walking distance (man, did we ever hit neighborhood jackpot) so the family car will be for exceptions and long distance stuff. That's the plan/justification, anyway.


Good luck with your Subaru! We just retired our 1992 Subaru - we ran the crap out of that car! We used it for our dogwalking business, so it not only had to travel many many kilometers per day, it also had to carry its fair share of cargo. It ran enthusiastically, even in the winter, but finally a gasline problem that was too expensive to fix was what put her down. We miss her, enjoy yours!


Yes, the 90s were just a few minutes ago. To think otherwise is to accept the fact that I graduated from high school 20 YEARS AGO. ARGGGHHH. We just sold our '89 Honda (my first car, still going strong) to a girl in high school who wasn't even born in 1989. *Sigh*


way to embrace suburbia! hehe. the price you almost have to pay to live outside of a city or europe. le sigh.

every morning i drive by the DRIVE-THRU Starbucks on my way to drop julia off at K and it makes me weep. drive through coffee just seems so wrong.

does your ball have a handle? like a pregnancy hippity hop? you and lowell could bounce your way to the grocery!


Bossy has one of those balls. No pregnancy, just the need to feel as though she's toppling over while she writes.


welcome to the dark side...

TX Poppet

In consideration of The Great Mofo Delurk today, I am sending this little comment your way. I enjoy reading your blog regularly and look forward to every new post.


Hey thanks! And let me just take this MoFo opportunity to say how much I appreciate people taking the time to leave comments here. I love them, they make my day. I try to respond to as many as I can, either here or via email, but sometimes it doesn't happen. Thank you for making my little bloggy world ten times better.


I had one of those big ol' balls around during the weeks I was waiting to pop, and I used it both to prepare for labor and during labor. It was pretty comfortable for contractions. I also found walking through contractions worked pretty well (did not even try that in my first labor), and my favorite position this time (aside from floating in the water birth tub once I got to the hospital) was bent over with folded arms resting on a table or chair while my belly hung down ("table pose" in yoga speak). But, yes, we had to very quickly give the ball back to the person we borrowed it from, b/c our son was having way too much fun slamming it into things.

I'm currently in the process of writing my long and unladylike 2nd birth story. I look forward to reading your 1st...

Good luck with your labor, when it comes!


Actually, I think the 90s were only 2 or 3 minutes ago, because the 80s were totally only 5 minutes ago. Wow.

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