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October 27, 2007



Tearing up. I wish I had thought to remind you of #1. And also that, having done it already, you can appreciate the second baby because you know what's going on and what it turns into (rockin' toddlers).

So glad things are going well. Nuzzle that little newborn head for me.

(Also? @ four months? sleeping through the night REGULARLY. have hope, will travel.)


p.s. that photo = killer. such joy.


It's so trippy to read this stuff knowing I'll be there very, very soon myself. I remember how amazing Theya smelled and that I actually wore out some hair on her head from sniffing her so much when she was new. I am worried about how hard it'll be for her to see me so occupied, too. I hope I can let her know how amazing she still is when The Bean comes.


Awwwww, so cute. Congratulations from a loyal reader! #4 made me tear up, and is secretly one of my reasons for only having one child.


What a precious adventure you're on :)


Oh, lovely. Congratulations on Willa. I love the name. Yes, I've been experiencing all of this, too, with our little newborn and big boy. #4 made my heart hurt. But you're obviously attentive to what Lowell is going through, and that will help him so much. And #s 1 and 2, too. I think my little baby girl's head is a kiss magnet - I just can't stop. (And I've been giving my big boy lots of kisses and hugs, too, to let him know he's still my baby.)

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