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September 01, 2007



I have nothing to add here....just find myself wanting to type in big, dopey, emoticon hugs.


Yes, but four makes a perfect square.


*I* have sympathy. And empathy. (My teacher husband went back last week.) SAHMing reaches a new level of difficult when you're pregnant. It's why I kept sending Owen to daycare when I went on maternity leave -- I just didn't have the chops.

And it's OK to miss your unit. When the new one comes along, you won't miss (at least not much) but it's understandable to be a little sad.


I can totally relate. We are a 2 teacher family, so we both went back this past week. I miss our summer days together as a family. But 1 week in and I'm starting to create a routine. It does get better. The anticipation of the change was almost harder than the reality.


First, I feel even more of an affinity with you after browsing your blog and finding that you're a poet (me too) and reading in the Feral comment thread that you also went to Madison. Now I know we must meet someday.

Second, I can relate in so many ways. As a teacher, I get little sympathy from my non-teacher friends when I bitch about my summer vacation ending. This year the end of summer break is especially harsh since I too am gigantically pregnant. And my husband's a teacher as well, so he's suddenly no longer free to tend to my every pregnant need.

Here on the verge of parturition, I'm feeling excited to meet the new baby, but definitely wistful about the end of the era of three. I've been drinking in time with my four-year-old son, savoring the simplicity of being able to hang out with him with no distractions. And he's excited about the upcoming birth of his sister, but there's no way to prepare him for the ways it'll be hard for him to be decentered from his parents' universe.


If you want to really wallow in that despondent end-of-summer feeling, check out the wistful Cheryl Wheeler song "Summer's Almost Over."


I know what you mean, but you will like the new unit too. You and your hubby will smile at each other when you say things like "let's put the KIDS in the car." There are two kids!


Yes, but you can still squirrel away time here and there for just the three of you. But Bossy is guessing you'll rarely want to...


How awesome was that triangle! It was like having a little live-in help every day. I can see why you hate to lose it.

Aunt Jane

I have been searching online for the perfect Disney Princesses baby gift!! And shoes! OMG I can't stop buying shoes for Katie (age 2) and Cailin (afe 5 months)
I am in Stowe Vermont for a few days and have hit all the outlets in Maine and Mass and so far have 3 pair for Katie and 2 for Cailin. Boots too. Do NOT enter the stride rite outlet, ever, for the next 18 years!
Can't WAIT to hear the name you pick. Charlotte is a good one I have heard is coming back

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