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September 22, 2007



As the lovely check out ladies at the supermarket used to say to me,

You fixin' to POP.


Feral Mom

I like how you rock the long hair...AND the preggo dirty dancing.


...Not to mention the roccoco mirror frame. Nice.


Omigod. Fat Bastard, Michelle Duggar, and jahoobies all in one post? You are pregnant with referential talent, girl.


Gawd I wish my hair was that long. I day dream of long-hair-hippiness but I am impatient and wind up getting mad at it and cutting it. Logical, I know. I'm all about logic.


Cute belly. Where can Bossy buy one of those?


i think you're fine until you have to start wearing five-inch heels to keep your hair from sweeping the floor behind you like crystal gale.

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