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August 14, 2007



"The math and the logic are inexorable once you assume that lots of simulations are being run."

Yeah, and also? Once you smoke all the pot you were saving for New Year's.


Unlike the reporter who wrote this story I DID think of this! In junior high! My lab partner Carol Grosman and I called it "The Test Tube Theory." We thought it was entirely logical that we could all be just someone else's science experiment. That Oxford guy is a little behind the curve.


I loved loved loved that article. The only thing is that it happens to go right along with today's technology. So do you think the game is over once we've evolved to the level of the player? These thoughts are too deep for a Wednesday morning.


It's a new spin on an old concept but what I love is the probability angle. I also had a similar theory regarding time travel. If it's possible, and we could survive long enough to come up with a way to do it, then it is most certainly being done right now. But what effect is it having on the future? And does it really matter? (And yes I came up with this theory while high.)

What I want to know is that if we are coded then who is doing the QC? Are we currently in beta? Sure feels like it sometimes.


I read the article last night and have been lost in my head ever since. I awoke this morning thinking: it is the probability thing for me too! That is the part that gets me all worked up. But then I started linking some of the theories and mythology stories together...yeah, my head will be spinning for a long time!

There is the probability of life on other planets, the probability of a creative "first light" that the scientists believe we might understand within this century. Then the myths of creation, usually involving some great burst of light, but almost certainly involving the artistic crafting of a higher being...er, computer nerd using advanced programming? And if there is some Great Computer Geek who is our "creator," how many other Geeks could there be? (Life on other planets? Or just life/gaming on another website? Heh.)

Is it a mere coincidence that the Internet seems more and more like a Universe with every passing day? I'm just asking!

You might need to come hang out on my back porch some starry night. We'll let the Dads put the kids to bed and we can hang out and smoke (er, I mean...) discuss and speculate our way through this mess. Heh.

Thanks for linking that article. I loved reading it!


What a b*tch it would be to write all the use cases. Easier just to light up the doobage.


oh, you are so ready for Jung...


Nothing can explain George Bush. Nothing.

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