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August 22, 2007



This isn't remotely helpful, but:

I don't know many songs from the last 5 to 10 years. My husband likes a couple Shins songs, plays 'em on his guitar. Don't know the name of the songs, don't especially care for them. The last CD I bought was that new one from the Police—the compilation of songs from 20 to 30 years ago, yep, that's right. I did download a couple recentish songs from iTunes that I learned via the documentary Wordplay, but...yeah.

My sister and I were born in 1965 and 1966. My mother completely missed out on the explosion of Beatles, Stones, etc., music from those years and the years following. "I was too busy raising babies," she says. You are right to be seeking out new music now—so your kids don't find you quite so hopelessly passé about music from your own adulthood.

No advice about toddlers changing beds—Ben bunked with us until he was five. And when he was, say, 2 to 4 years old, I'd lie down with him on the couch at naptime.

I am not without advice, however! When you've had the second kid, if you're keen on avoiding pregnancy for the next five years (and yes, I see that I'm inconsistent with spelling out numbers vs. using numerals. *sigh*), I recommend the Mirena IUD.


On my current favorite playlist: Jenny Lewis (w. and w/o Rilo Kiley) Feist, Beck, Wailin Jennys, Mindy Smith, Patti Griffin, Dar Williams, Kelly Willis, Tegan and Sara.


My current favourites include "Sleeping Lessons" by the Shins, "Where Soul Meets Body" by Death Cab for Cutie (the non-accoustic version) and "Two" by Ryan Adams.

But I'm old, and these are probably boring.


I would have to list Luce (www.luceband.com), Rob Hotchkiss (www.robhotchkiss.com) and even though they've been around for 10 years already, if you don't have any Guster (www.guster.com) in your collection, well you simply must!


Oh how fun! I'm such a music whore.

I will recommend a bunch, and if you'd like I'll even make you a few CDs and mail them to you if you want to e-mail an address.

For now here's a few that I think you'll like:

Phantom Limb by The Shins
Steady As She Goes by The Raconteurs
Never Die Young By Lori McKenna
If You Ask by Lori McKenna
That Teenage Feeling By Neko Case
John Saw That Number by Neko Case
Maybe Sparrow By Neko Case (the entire Fox Confessor Brings The Flood album is wonderful)
Absolutely anything by Ben Folds
Common People by Pulp
The whole Amy Winehouse album, Back To Black.
Anything by Belle & Sebastian

I could go on and on. Like I said, if you'd like some cd's just send me an e-mail with an address to ship them to and I'll get right on it.

Bad Hippie

Anything by Josh Ritter, but especially the CDs "Hello Starling" or "Golden Age of Radio."

Anything by The Frames.

Ben Harper's CDs - all of 'em.

Blind Boys of Alabama.

And, if you're feeling nostalgic, the new Beastie Boys' album...which is an instrumental album!

Mama Snee

I'm in the same boat with you musically, but lately I've loved everything by Iron and Wine, the new Modest Mouse, and the Great Lakes Swimmers CD I just bought, having had the same realization about my musical rut. I don't know if you read Sweet Juniper, but I've stumbled upon their playlists on the blog and have liked those as well.

We also just moved to a big-girl bed at 22 months, and this was our formula (successful thus far):
1. Start talking about big girl/boy bed a lot. Make a big deal about it. Talk about how Granny sleeps in a big girl bed, and the older cousins she adores sleep in big girl beds, etc.

2. Flop a twin mattress (no box springs, no frame) on the floor next to the crib and snuggle in it/ read books on it/ get acquainted with it. Put toys to sleep in it, etc. for a few days. The floor bit ensures a shorter drop to the ground for the sleep-floppers like Bird.

3. Try nap times in the big bed, then night times. We are in the habit of snuggling up in the big girl bed for stories before and through lights-out during night and nap times until Bird falls asleep, and then we slither out of the room like ninjas. Sometimes it takes a minute, but we want her to be in control of this as much as possible. We've worked out our own little routines and tricks, like telling her to close her eyes and take big breaths (which she loves, but it calms her down) and "talking about" the books we've memorized after the lights are out and she wants one more story. She pretty much stays asleep and in the bed all night, but one of us usually slips back in with her around 5am when she starts to stir. We still haven't figured out how to deal with the possibility of an undetected wandering toddler around the house. But all in all, we're doing okay.

This was way too long for a comment. Sorry. Good luck!


I've been hearing the new KT Tunstall song "Hold On" (record is out Sept 18th - so cutting edge it's in the FUTURE) a lot and liking it. And I think you Twittered 100 years ago about settling in for an afternoon with the new Wilco, which, if that was you, then you're good, and if not, get "What Light" and "Impossible Germany" off of Sky Blue Sky. And get the entirety of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Then, this is not new, but get Steve Earle. If you're looking for recent, get "Home to Houston" off The Revolution Starts Now. If you don't know him and want to, start with the whole album of I Feel Alright, and also get "Sometimes She Forgets" and "Tom Ames' Prayer" off Train a Comin'. Wind down (up) with Seven Nation Army from the White Stripes, listen to track three from American Idiot (Green Day), perhaps check out "Alfie" from Lily Allen (some mommyblogger--you?--linked to this a while ago and it was charming) and you're done.

Big Boy Bed: get side rails, put him in there, give it two nights. He'll be fine. Play the music loud in the other room so you can't hear the screams.


Girl, you makin' me pull up the old iTunes. Love it!

Here are my current faves:
1. Spanish Grease by Willie Bobo (on the Verve Remixed album)
2. Angel by Massive Attack
3. Come Home by Ari Hest
4. Misunderstood by Common
5. Forever Begins by Common
6. Dirty Harry by Gorillaz
7. Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap
8. Change by Joy Denalane
9. I Can't Stop Loving You by Kem
10. Stronger by Kanye West
11. La Belle Et Le Bad Boy by MC Solaar
12. History Repeating by The Propellerheads
13. Shanti-Mantra by Ravi Shankar
14. Breathe Me by Sia
15. Peg by Steely Dan (feeling nostalgic, but damn it's a good one)
16. Cobrastyle by Teddybears
17. I Ain't Mad At Cha by 2Pac & Danny Boy (what? He ain't dead)

I'll stop here because I'm getting all excited. Stop. Me.

Can't speak to the Big Boy Bed because it's been too long.


Jesus Christ, those other people are much hipper than me. I haven't heard of at least a third of those performers, and I read Entertainment Weekly all the time!

At least I am drunk right now.

Karen Gordon

Anything by Joey Ryan- a new young singer- recently did soundtrack for soon to be released movie "Bella"

Karen Gordon

Anything by Joey Ryan- a new young singer- recently did soundtrack for soon to be released movie "Bella"


Oh man, music is so personal. But, i love music and purchase albums all the time. Having met you and having read letterB for awhile i will also suggest:

The Decemberists
Death Cab for Cutie
Modest Mouse
Iron & Wine
Wolf Parade
The Shins
Bright Eyes
Tegan and Sara

I could go on and on. I too will make you a CD. Just ask.


you've gotten some good advice so far!

a really good way to find new music is to go to the itunes store and find an album you like. next to it there will be a box that says "listeners also bought:" and you can click on links to other artists. then once you have bought a few songs, as soon as you log onto the itunes store there will be 10 songs in a section on the homepage that itunes picked just for you based on past selections. you have to let go of the idea that you are musically unique. it is crazy how good their picks can be sometimes.

you can also find the line-ups from music festivals like bonaroo, lolla, bridge school & high sierra. you will already know the headliners but a lot of the lesser-known bands are reaalllly good!


oh yeah, advice on the big boy bed? we used a staple gun. just like with the sun hats. it works great.


So I can tell you what NOT to do. When I was about 7 months pregnant with Iris, we went to Babies R Us and stocked up on all the whatever we needed. We looked at strollers. Clara was beside herself listening to us talk about double strollers she'd have to share with this new baby. And by that I mean HORRIFIED. That same weekend we got out all the baby clothes, washed and put them in the what was her old dresser (she had a new bedroom set from IKEA). She wanted to wear all the newborn clothes and was, again, HORRIFIED that this baby was going to wear her clothes. And then we got out the cradle. And then we took down her beloved crib. And then we put up the BIG GIRL BED and made a big deal about it and how fabulous it was. Only she didn't agree. She asked if Iris was getting her cradle. Yes, we said. And was she getting her crib. Eventually, we said. And was she getting her big girl bed. NO, we said. You can take that to college for all we care. After a few hours she said (and remember, she's just two and a half at this point) "I don't understand why Iris has to have my crib." Sigh. She did adjust, but we'd obviously done grave harm to her psyche.

And, funny enough, Iris is still in the damn pack-n-play in our room and not in a crib in her own room. But that is a whole 'nother story.

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